Value Proposition Design

Value Proposition Design SheetValue Proposition Design is a great way of building a customer profile and see how your offering match your target customers.

Inspired by the Vimentis VIP event that I wrote about yesterday, I continued the work on crafting my pitch. As inspiration, I listened to one episode of Businesspodden with the great entrepreneur and expert in rethorics, Elaine Eksvärd.

Elaine shared a great insight when it comes to pitching that I really liked: State the problem that you are trying to solve and how in the first 15 seconds of the pitch. It requires a lot of focus on what problem you are trying to solve if you focus on this.

Oh, well. This post wasn’t supposed to be about that, really. I have spent a great part of the day working with trying to identify my target customers, what their job is and what are their pains and gains. After the customer profile is “done” it is time to look at the value proposition with pain relievers and gain creators and see what the match is. I find this job key in crafting an iterated prototype for my pitch.

If you want to know more about Value Proposition Design, I can highly recommend the book (not so surprisingly) called Value Proposition Design by Alan Smith, Alexander Osterwalder, Gregory Bernarda, Trish Papadakos, and Yves Pigneur.

Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur? Didn’t they write Business Model Generation (co-created with 470 business model practitioners)? Oh yes indeed they did. The key challenge that I’ve had with BMG was crafting a good value proposition, so I was delighted when they released the Value Proposition Design Book. If you like Business Model Generation, then you might find this book to be a great addition.

On a side note; After a great recommendation, I met with an economic advisor today that I really liked. He had browsed my site and wondered if Captain’s log had any connection to Star Trek due to he was quite into sci-fi. How can you not want to work with a guy that asks you questions like that =). Or dare I say: Make it so! =).

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