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IMG_4002Today I got a VIP treatment outside my comfort zone at the  Vimentis VIP event focusing on  communication aspects of story-selling and social selling.

Selling, is the most important skill for me to improve as quickly and as well as I possibly can. Without any sales there will be no business and Unicornsulting will end up being nothing more than a pipe dream. Well, that is not why I started the company.

My expectation was to be nudged or rather pushed outside my comfort zone and that expectation did indeed become fulfilled.

Michel Laport Godorn, the CEO of the Vimentis group did a great job building and maintaining the energy throughout the day. The first session was about applying the DISC model in sales communication. I’ve worked with DISC in many different settings before in internal sales. To my surprise, the repetition of DISC in this setting and making me rethink my target group something really clicked inside my head.

Michel described the difference between story-telling and story-selling in a very simple and straight forward way:
Storytelling creates awareness.
Story-selling creates call to action.

After lunch, the serial entrepreneur Michel Issa IMG_3996had a great presentation about his awe-inspiring journey. Wonderful to see a great example of someone who challenges the regular way of doing things in order to do good.

After one of the many mingle coffee break Michel lead us through a pitching workshop (slightly DISC inspired). The task was to do a story-selling based pitch in 90 seconds based on other peoples needs. I found it to be a great exercise and this might be the strongest impression that I take away from the day. How to just carry on when you get stuck, not very much unlike in my budo practice. Don’t think and just keep moving.

I found that crafting the story of the value that Unicornsulting can bring to its customers was key. I’ve heard it before and I’ve coached more than twenty people in “think about the value you bring, not how you solve it”. Maybe I should listen to myself every once in a while. It sounds so easy, but in practice it isn’t and especially when the clock is ticking.

I was truly impressed by many people pitching and hearing the difference of a pitch that is well crafted, emotional and doesn’t sound mechanical compared to…well the other kind, is astonishing.

This made me quickly rethink the entire pitch for Unicornsulting. The rest of the week will be dedicated to rethinking and rebuilding the pitch. My goal is to have a well crafted story based pitch that matches the need of my target customers by the end of this week and a next step for reaching out to them. A lot of research and a lot of writing to be done.

Businesspodden’s Dragon’s den

Finally Businesspodden was recording live and I found it really greatIMG_3999. Once again, I found myself especially impressed by the courageous souls pitching for Businesspodden. The ad agency focusing on ads on pizza boxes won first prize. Congratulations!

During some technical issues with the PA, one of the hosts, Mikael Arndt, addressed the audience with a very powerful exercise. You got 30 seconds to pitch and in a very animated and dedicated way describe why your solution is the best on the planet. Very interesting to be pushed out of your shell like that.

The day ended with a moment of reflection and sketching out some goals on how to proceed. I ended up with a lot of notes and the focus now is to craft the next iteration of my pitch.

Another aspect that emerged during the day was that I asked some people about their first impression of me connected to DISC and most people put me in the introvert part of the model. I found this very surprising and despite having heard this before. I think that my extrovert (what I believe to be my “normal”) side requires a fairly safe surrounding in order to emerge. Not that this matters, but it made me re-think how a potential customer might perceive me and that I need to come out of my shell a bit more when meeting new people.

In all, this was a really great day. I learned a lot and met a lot of interesting people. Every day that I do something other else than selling (or delivering what I have sold), I am thinking if that activity really is that important to invest the time in. Today was a very good investment in order to hone my sales skills and I got a ton of inspiration that will be lingering in my head for some time to come.

Thanks to Michel Laport Godorn, Michel Issa, Josef and Mikael of Businesspodden and all the great people that I met during this fantastic day.

My brain is full. Can I go home now?


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