Sharing my presentation slides

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Not totally serious – the ZX Spectrum version of my Lindholmen Software Development Day presentation =D

For many years I was very reluctant to share my presentation slides. The slides don’t work on their own, so why share them?

I do a lot of presentations and every once in a while I get the question if I share my slides. After several years of keeping the slides to myself I decided shift approach and upload them to slideshare.

There are a few reasons for this:

  1. To support the memory of those who listened to the presentations. It might jog your memory a bit seeing the slides.
  2. Marketing. What to expect from a presentation from me. I am constantly trying to improve in designing great presentations both from a concept, storytelling perspective as well as from a graphical design perspective. Sharing the presentations might give a hint of the topics that I bring up when presenting and how I do it.
  3. I felt like doing it. As simple as that.
  4. Feedback. I love improving what I do and feedback helps me become even better.

Below, you will find the two lastest presentations that I’ve uploaded:

A Culture of Technology Leadership – An enemy of Disruptive Innovation

This was presented in the Business track at Lindholmen Software Development Day for an audience of around 200 people.

Ingenting / Nothing

This was presented at Pecha Kucha #50 in Gothenburg. You will find the presentation (in Swedish) in my previous post.

Three things that I am grateful for today.

  1. That cooking dinner is starting to be something that I am looking forward to ever since we got a bi-weekly delivery of groceries with recipes. I love improvising in almost everything that I do except cooking. I love having one area in my life where I just follow the instructions (most of the time).
  2. The sound that my dog makes when she snores
  3. The dramatic 10x increase of traffic to this site in the past week. I’m sure that the Facebook ad experiment is the cause of it. The site has gone from around 50 daily visitors to 500. I’m happy to have you all here and I hope that you might find some of the stuff on this site useful.
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