The (not so) well kept secret of selling

Selling is one of the most important activities of any new business.

The secret to selling might be much easier than you think.

So what is the secret then?!
I found that the key to selling is one simple thing: To sell.

Wow! So profound! This insight changed my life!
Ahem…Maybe not. But it is just as simple and as difficult as it sounds.

It doesn’t matter how many customer profiles you put together, how many sales training programs you attend or how well you have crafted your pitch…if you don’t actually sell.

In theory selling is not that difficult if it weren’t for the bazillion things that you might use as a distraction to keep you from selling: Bookkeeping (as I covered yesterday), iterating your business model, watering the plants, decorating your office, blogging (oh crap) etc.

Procrastination is the enemy. Selling. In a way it sounds so simple. List a number of customers and call them.

Why all of this procrastination and avoidance? Well, it is simple. Because you will be rejected. Not once or twice, but many many times. Therefore it seem “safer” to do something else. Well in this case it is very important to kick yourself out of the comfort zone, because what seems to be the safest thing is what might actually kill you in the long run.

Getting rejected when you sell yourself might be even a bit more tricky to handle. As a wise long time entrepreneur shared with me last week: On one hand you sell yourself and at the other hand you must not take rejection personally. I sell myself, but if you don’t buy, it isn’t me that you’re not buying it is my offering which is my hypothesis of the sweet spot between what I can offer and what your needs are.

So, this is my struggle for the day. To stop writing this post and start selling.

Red rover, red rover and David right over!

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