Love me tender


Friday 23:25 at the office. w00t!

Last Friday I was at the office at around 23:00 wearing sweatpants and scanning a tender for submission before the deadline at midnight. Fun and games!

Oh, the tender tenderness

I don’t know when I was at the office late a Friday evening before I started my business. I think that it might have been at least eight years (not counting business trips). Now, I don’t think that it is a healthy practice to work too much and pull all nighters. Doing so for a longer period of time will most likely come back and punish you in some way. But every once in a while it feels good to push a bit more than usual.

However, I was really happy to feel motivated and focused to go to the office and send the tender before the deadline. I have no idea if I will get the deal, but at least I have submitted a tender which is a good learning for the next time.

Things are moving

Otherwise things are starting to move ahead. I have a couple of speaking engagements coming up: Lindholmen Software Development Day (Oct 28) and Creative Thinker’s High Five (Nov 3) and I am have gotten the first requests for workshops and presentations and some expressed interest in  strategic advice in how to maintain or grow a culture of innovation and innovation capabilities when the organization is rapidly expanding. That feels awesome! Those are exactly the type of organizations and leadership teams that I am looking forward to support.



Three things that I am grateful for today

  1. That my brain decided to synthesize the product lifecycle curve, the S-curve, Gartner’s hype curve and map it to different innovation capability needs. Thank you brain.
  2. Watching inspiring movies at the touring BANFF film festival.
  3. Trying to ride a monowheel for the first time. Fun but we didn’t get along very well.
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