Hello world!


Let me introduce myself. I’m Kalle. Kalle, not Kale. Not like the vegetable, despite the similarities early mornings. Double L. You can can call me Karl if it’s easier. Starbucks do. They spell it Crawrrrl. I don’t.

Since I find myself having some problems trying to describe what I do, I thought that this blog might help me doing that and in the process share the strange process of starting a company. I aim to help people in companies to avoid a lot of traps when working with innovation. How do you challenge status quo? How do you measure innovation? Should you measure innovation? What impact does innovation have on leadership? How can we transform the culture to better adapt to an increasingly fast changing business reality? Do you have questions like that? Great, then I’m your guy.

If you found this text, then chances are that you have already found out that my company is called Unicornsulting so there is no point in saying that. Ah crap. I think I just did. So why Unicornsulting? Some people seem to mistake the word unicornsulting with “unicorn consulting”. But if you rethink unicorn consulting, remove some surplus letters and sprinkle it with a bit of fun and play you end up with Unicornsulting. Once you hear it and rewire your brain to say it, it will never leave your system. It is scientifically proven. Not, really. I’m just kidding.

Fun and play? Kidding? Is that really compatible with management consulting?

Of course it is. Anything worth taking very seriously is also worth making fun of. Seriousness is often a very ineffective way to rewire our brains to think in new ways.

I have been granted a six month leave from my job as innovation driver at Ericsson in order to start my own business. In this blog, you will find some daily reflections about the journey of starting an innovation oriented management consultancy company in Gothenburg, Sweden. Besides this channel there will be some LinkedIn articles, tweets and Instagram updates.

I will share the hopes, fears, successes and failures combined with the sometimes very mundane.

I hope that you will enjoy the ride.


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