Design and Management Consulting

IMG_4541Today I attended a presentation by Fjord at The School of Design and Crafts at the University of Gothenburg. Maybe not so surprisingly I find the intersection between design and management consulting to be a very interesting one.

Design and management consulting is really a good mix. A design approach (or Design Thinking approach if you prefer the term) to innovation has a strong qualitative approach that can be well complemented by the more quantitative traditional business consulting mindset.

Design Thinking is perfect for wicked problems which might include finding new business opportunities, identifying latent customer and user needs, and identifying a new strategy.

In my past, I’ve geeked out in different aspects of engineering as well as in design. A couple of years back when I was leading and participating in Design Thinking projects, I saw it as the next generation of leadership training. The people that were recruited for the projects went through a personal transformation (myself included) and in many cases became much more comfortable with ambiguity and complexity.

Some people tend to think that one method or approach is the “right”, but I have a more agnostic approach to different approaches to innovation. I tend to prefer the human centered focus of Design Thinking compared to a lot of other approaches, but I see that other approaches might be more suitable at times.

Anyhow, being people centered in innovation efforts often pays off very quickly because focus is on desirability. If your solution is not desirable, it will not become an innovation due to that it will not attract interest for its intended target group.

Today I submitted an abstract for a presentation at a conference with the title “A culture of technology leadership – an enemy of disruptive innovation?”. Want to know more about it? Me too. If the submission gets accepted there will be more to come on this topic.

Over and out.


The three things that I’m grateful for today:

  1. That I just got an acceptance to speak at Pecha Kucha in Gothenburg in October which will be super fun.
  2. Running into awesome people at HDK (The School of Design and Crafts)
  3. My wonderful little family.


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