Busy presentation week

So this week has been quite busy. The presentation last Friday went great and now I’m gearing up for two more presentations this week.CTFH

Creative Thinker’s High Five

So this evening I will present at the network for interesting, creative people in Gothenburg called Creative Thinker’s High Five. The presentation is going to be a re-spin of my “Empathy – at the heart of innovation talk”. I am also looking forward to hear the other speaker, Romy van den Broek at Berge talk about her journey as a service designer.

Innovation in municipalities

Tomorrow I will present and facilitate a dialog at an interesting event that connects leading politicians and public officials for a municipality. The topics will include introduction to innovation, common prejudice and pitfalls about innovation and innovation and leadership. I am really excited about this opportunity and I am really looking forward to the discussions.

Three things I am grateful for today:

  1. That the scaffolding that has been on the deck all summer finally is gone. Now it is only repairs left.
  2. Strategy and timing are very well connected. Right now I am grateful that it seems that they are both in my favour.
  3. For the great and supportive people I have around me (both close and far away) that see opportunities and help me in various ways. You are awesome!
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