Status update

The cherry trees believe that spring has arrived in Gothenburg.

What happened to the captain’s log after Christmas? Is the unicorn still alive? Indeed it is.

January came and rushed past at warp speed. Key events included a presentation at Matix and a Design Thinking workshop and lecture on Empathy and Innovation at Varberg Campus.

End of January and February has been tricky to schedule. I haven’t been able to take on any workshop or presentation assignment due to a very strong need of temporal flexibility. Besides providing clients with innovation support, I have spent the time sharpening the saw. I’ve attended lectures at Chalmers start-up camp, presentations by Transformator Design, participated in a business administration and economics training course for self-employed, a sales training course and attending several networking events.

Measuring a culture of innovation

The presentation that I gave at Matix was originally intended to punch quantitive data and the culture of metrics and measurements in result driven organizations on the nose, but it ended up providing a more balanced view between quantitative and qualitative data.

The slides are available at at slideshare, but the hilarious animated gifs are unfortunately not very animated in that version. As you might notice it is also in Swedish. Eventually I might upload an English version, but I suspect that will happen first when I am asked to present it in English.

Future updates

I will try to post a bit more regularly. I still have a huge backlog of innovation related topics that I haven’nt been able to formulate in text yet. there topics include:

  • Innovation vs Invention
  • Innovation is easy
  • Innovation is hard
  • One size fits nobody. Why best practices doesn’t work when it comes to innovation
  • When not to use Design Thinking as an innovation approach

Three things I am grateful for today

  1. I am grateful for that the people hacking my site didn’t tear it completely apart. How could I miss WordPress brute-force protection. I’m such a n00b.I hope that I have patched the vulnerabilities.
  2. The suspense while waiting for something amazing.
  3. I am grateful that so far, three of my first clients have requested more of my services. Amazeballs!

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